Spine Center at The Mount Sinai Hospital

As part of the comprehensive spinal cord treatment services offered by the Spine Hospital at Mount Sinai, the Spine Center is a dedicated space within the hospital that’s fully staffed with unparalleled experts – orthopaedists, chiropractors, physiatrists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, social workers, nurse managers, and spine surgeons – each specialized in the care of patients receiving treatment for spinal disorders, including lumbar, cervical, spinal deformity, spine trauma, and athletic spine injuries.

Multidisciplinary Care: Our Spine "Team" Approach

Our experienced spine experts and surgeons collaborate with other members of our multidisciplinary team, work together to create a customized treatment plan to achieve the best possible outcome, delivering exceptional care to patients and their loved ones.

Twice a month, the Spine Center team—six orthopedic spine surgeons, three physiatrists, and one chiropractor—convenes to discuss complex spinal cases and resolve them. Patients meet regularly with team members to discuss their progress and care options.

“Having an interdisciplinary team of surgical and non-surgical specialists together, working from one chart, really provides patients with an exemplary level of care that maximizes their time, restores function sooner, and allows them to get back to their busy lives,” says Andrew Hecht, MD, Chief of Spine Surgery and Director of the Spine Center.

Excellence in Full Range of Treatment Options, from Same-Day Non-Surgical Procedures to Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation

At the Spine Center at The Mount Sinai Hospital, patients are extensively evaluated and, if warranted, receive advanced care modalities such as epidural injections for diagnostic purposes and/or pain relief—often on the same day of an initial visit. The Spine Center has an on-site fluoroscopy suite that is used for state-of-the art diagnosis and ensuring treatment accuracy. Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique that gives doctors real-time x-rays of the moving body and is often used to guide physicians as they administer targeted pain relief to patients.

Our expertise and experience, along with the uniformity of care provided, help to minimize complications and optimize rehabilitation. For patients undergoing spine surgery, the recovery phase begins immediately after surgery. The sooner a patient becomes active post-operatively, the sooner he or she may begin to return to normal activity. Our specially trained staff of nurses, therapists, and social workers help patients to expedite this process, speeding them along to a full recovery. Our nurses are specialty trained through a competency based educational program to meet the needs of all patients having spine surgery. 

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