Inpatient Spine Care Unit

As part of the comprehensive spinal cord treatment services offered by Mount Sinai’s Departments of Orthopaedics and Neurosurgery, our Inpatient Spine Care Unit is staffed by a dedicated team of occupational therapists, physical therapists, social workers, and nurse managers, each specialized in the care of patients receiving treatment for spinal disorders, including lumbar, cervical, spinal deformity, spine trauma, and athletic spine injuries.

While our surgeons, in collaboration with other members of the healthcare team, work together to achieve the best possible outcome, members of the Inpatient Spine Care Unit work with patients to make their surgical procedure and postoperative stay as comfortable as possible. Our expertise and experience, along with the uniformity of care provided, help to minimize complications and optimize rehabilitation. For patients undergoing spine surgery, the recovery phase begins immediately after surgery. The sooner a patient becomes active post-operatively, the sooner he or she may begin to return to normal activity. Our specially trained staff of nurses, therapists, and social workers help patients to expedite this process, speeding them along to a full recovery. Our nurses are specialty trained through a competency based educational program to meet the needs of all patients having spine surgery.

Spine School

Our Spine School, an integral part of the Inpatient Spine Care Unit, allows patients soon to undergo spine surgery the chance to learn what to expect during their hospitalization and post-operative recovery, as well as how they can help themselves with their post-operative care once they are discharged. In addition, Spine School provides patients with an opportunity to meet the in-patient nurses, therapists, and social workers who will be assisting them in their post-operative recovery. Please check with your physician's office regarding dates and times.

Although discomfort is a normal result of surgery, our healthcare team, which includes pain management specialists, is there to keep pain to a minimum.

In general, our dedicated team of specialists offers comprehensive outpatient evaluation and care management for all patients undergoing spinal surgery, with the ultimate goal of restoring function and quality of life.

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