Director: Richard A. Frieden, MD

The Amputation Specialty Program (ASP) at Mount Sinai is the first such program accredited by CARF in New York State and is the only one in NYC and is the only one in NYC with both inpatient and outpatient accreditation.

An estimated 40-50 people yearly are provided a continuum of care that includes

  • Pre-operative communication between the surgeon and the ASP
  • Immediate post-operative rehabilitation provided on the surgical unit
  • Inpatient care
  • Discharge planning
  • Community follow-up coordinated with home care agencies, transition to outpatient therapy and to a prosthetist, as well as training in use of the selected prosthetic

This Mount Sinai inpatient program focuses on three primary goals:

  • Preventing complications that may arise after surgery
  • Providing patients a multidisciplinary program to maximize mobility and self-care functions with the remaining limbs
  • Setting goals and preparing for prosthetic prescription and training (as needed)

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