About Our Research Program

Our Research Program focuses on the onset, neurobiology, genetics, and treatment of OCD and related conditions. Our overarching goal is to discover the causes of these disorders and, in doing so, provide the basis to develop more effective and innovative therapies to help families in the future. We have ongoing treatment studies as well as neuroimaging and genetic studies.

We are happy to discuss any of our current research studies, which include the following:

GCO# 14-1794: The effects of Ondansetron on Brain Function

Do you have a first-degree relative with obsessive-compulsive disorder? If your parent, sibling, or child has OCD, but you yourself do not have it, you may be eligible to participate in a study of the effects of ondansetron on brain function. To learn more about participating in this study, please contact Stephanie Grimaldi at 212-824-8995 or stephanie.grimaldi@mssm.edu.

[GCO# 14-1794 – IRB Approved Through: 06/01/2016]

This study is open to enrollment.