About Child Behavioral Health and Science

The majority of psychiatric disorders—from depression to schizophrenia—begin in youth, making child and adolescent mental health a vital part of a life-long health perspective. That is why Mount Sinai has assembled a multidisciplinary team of highly-skilled psychiatrists and psychologists—most of whom are leaders in their respective fields—to provide the most comprehensive care for young patients struggling with a range of emotional and behavioral conditions. By drawing on our experts’ collective clinical experience and advanced research insights, we provide each patient with the evaluations, treatments, and compassionate support they need to achieve their greatest level of mental health.

Providing a Comprehensive Care Plan

Our team understands that when it comes to children and adolescents, the approach to psychiatric treatment must focus on the interface of clinical care with each patient’s education and cognitive development. Beginning with a thorough neuropsychiatric evaluation and diagnosis we design a treatment plan incorporating a range of options, including psychosocial, psychoeducational, and behaviorally-oriented therapies that can be administered individually, in groups, or with families, in addition to medication interventions. We provide integrated care in partnership with our patients and their families, as well as school or other medical professionals as indicated.

We offer treatment through several different services. There are a number of specialized centers of excellence, each dedicated to clinical care and research in a single disease state or set of related disease states, and offering clinical and research programming specific to the disorder(s) of interest. In addition, the Mount Sinai clinical services offer comprehensive inpatient and outpatient care for children and adolescents including individual, group, and family psychotherapy, behavior management, and medications to care for a broad range of acute and chronic mental health conditions.

Enhancing Treatment with Emerging Research

In our Center, clinical care and clinical investigation operate side by side in order to provide the most advanced treatments for our patients. Mount Sinai physicians are at the cutting edge of the explosion of information concerning the brain basis of psychiatric disorders, and are therefore able to offer patients informed perspectives as well as emerging treatment options through clinical trial enrollments in order to achieve optimal care.

Through our combination of research, clinical skill, and personalized attention, Mount Sinai’s Child Behavioral Health and Science services excel in achieving the best possible outcome for each patient and their family.

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