- Dr. Alexis Colvin: “In Tennis, Pain Just Part of the Game”

 – September 4, 2013 /Press Release/  –– 

One thing all athletes, especially the younger ones, do seem to have in common, is a sense of invulnerability, that playing through pain and sometimes against doctors' advice is often necessary, regardless of future harm. "The more knowledge you can give to the athlete and the trainer, the better the athlete can make an informed decision," said Alexis Colvin, MD, chief medical officer for the USTA. "The important thing is trying to preserve the longevity of their careers. The other thing is when there's an injury, planning for recovery. Especially in an elite player, saying you have to stop playing for five months may not be the best plan or the most realistic. It's person by person. 'If I go out and play this match, is it OK to play through pain, or are there going to be long-term consequences?'"
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