About the SAVI Program

Founded in 1984, the Mount Sinai SAVI Program has been addressing issues of Sexual and Domestic Violence on individual and societal levels throughout NYC, with a primary focus on Manhattan and Queens through its advocacy, counseling and education services.

Therapeutic Services: Using a victim-centered, culturally-sensitive model, our licensed mental health professionals provide free and confidential therapy, advocacy and referral services to victims of rape, sexual assault, child sexual abuse and domestic violence services in 10 different languages. These services are also extended to the victim's family members and friends.

Volunteer Advocate Program: SAVI coordinates more than 200 trained and certified Volunteer Advocates who are on-call to the Emergency Rooms (ER) of seven hospitals in Manhattan and Queens. Advocates provide crisis intervention services to victims of sexual and domestic violence, mainly focusing on emotional support, medical information, and patient advocacy.

Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner Program (SAFE): The SAFE Program is comprised of specially trained medical professionals (doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and physicians' assistants who complete 40-hour certification training) who provide individualized, sensitized, state-of-the-art forensic and medical care to rape and sexual assault victims in The Mount Sinai Emergency Department. In 2006, SAVI received accreditation from the New York State Department of Health as a "Center of Excellence" for the SAFE Program. In May 2010, the SAFE Program achieved 24/7 Emergency Room coverage.

SAVI advocates are available in the following hospitals:


  • Harlem Hospital
  • Lenox Hill Hospital
  • Metropolitan Hospital
  • Mount Sinai Hospital


  • Elmhurst Hospital Center
  • Mount Sinai of Queens
  • Queens Hospital Center

Takanot Program: We provide culturally sensitive and religiously specific individual counseling and group services to Orthodox Jewish survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and childhood sexual abuse. Takanot collaborates with respected Orthodox service providers, as well as maintains ongoing communication with leaders in the Orthodox community.

Program against Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE): We provide advocacy and counseling for commercially sexually exploited youth in Queens, along with intensive case management services to assist them in obtaining health care, educational and vocational services. We also facilitate an ongoing drop-in group for young females at high risk for recruitment into prostitution or who are trying to leave "the life".

To access SAVI services, please contact us at (212) 423-2140 (Manhattan) or (718) 736-1288 (Queens) or visit us at www.mountsinai.org/savi.