U.S. News and World Report - "Surgeons Form Band N.E.D. to Raise GYN Cancer Awareness"

Six surgeons formed the band No Evidence of Disease to put below-the-belt cancers in the spotlight.

New York, NY
 – September 3, 2013  –– 

Everyone knows about breast cancer and lung cancer, and has likely heard about colon cancer, but vaginal cancer? Well, it's just not talked about. And yet, every seven minutes a woman is diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer. Six gynecologic oncologists across the country want to break the silence and eradicate the stigma surrounding GYN cancers by pushing them in the spotlight – literally, including Mount Sinai gynecologic oncologist Nimesh Nagarsheth, MD, lead drummer in the band. "I really believe that there is some healing power to music," says Nagarsheth. Learn More