Dr. Jennifer Frontera Appears in Humanly Impossible for National Geographic Channel

Mount Sinai Neurointensivist serves as medical expert for episode documenting one man’s ability to withstand freezing temperatures.

 – June 30, 2010  –– 

Jennifer A. Frontera, MD, had the opportunity to work with Wim Hof, known as “The Iceman,” during an episode of “Humanly Impossible,” to air on the National Geographic Channel in early 2011. Mr. Hof is an adventurer and world-record holder who has the unique ability to withstand freezing temperatures through meditative practices similar to Tummo and the practices of Yogi monks in the Himalayas.

Dr. Frontera served as the medical expert for the episode, discussing possible ways in which Mr. Hof may have developed cortical relays with temperature control pathways modulated by the hypothalamus. She additionally discusses how Mr. Hof may have a high percentage of brown fat, which allows for efficient thermogenesis.

Mr. Hof holds the world record for remaining fully immersed in ice for one hour and 44 minutes, has run a full marathon in the Arctic Circle dressed only in shorts and sandals, and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in two days wearing only shorts to protect him against the elements.