MS Expert on the Today Show

Mount Sinai's Stephen Krieger, MD, discusses multiple sclerosis (MS) and the role of research on NBC's Today Show.  Watch video

Research and Clinical Trials

Scientists have made considerable progress in understanding the nature of multiple sclerosis, leading to the development of several drug therapies since the 1990s. Although these treatments represent major therapeutic advances, they provide only partial benefit to MS patients, and they can be complicated to administer.

Still, there is reason for great optimism. Scientific advances have provided a rationale for the development of numerous additional therapeutic agents that are now in clinical trials. Their success have attracted the interest of biotech and pharmaceutical companies that are now actively performing and sponsoring research aimed at finding new and effective therapies.

With this in mind, the Corinne Goldsmith Dickinson Center for Multiple Sclerosis has established a leading-edge clinical trials program with a planned state-of-the-art database management system. The clinical trials unit tests experimental agents and allows patients access to groundbreaking therapies not yet widely available. For example, the Center has coordinated a national, multi-center combination therapy trial to determine whether a promising new drug combination is indeed safe and effective for multiple sclerosis. 

Learn more about clinical trials taking place at Mount Sinai on our Clinical Trials website


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