The Mount Sinai Center for Headache and Pain Medicine provides treatment for patients with chronic and acute headaches and/or migraines. Our physicians will work with you to consider all available alternatives and to develop a personalized plan.

Outpatient Evaluation

Every patient will undergo a thorough review of current symptoms as well as complete neurological exam by one of our headache neurologists. At each visit you will receive an individually tailored treatment plan and all of your questions and concerns will be addressed. Our specialists understand that dealing with both acute and chronic pain requires a multi-disciplinary approach and they strive to incorporate both medication and non-medication treatments into your care.


Our specialists offer individually tailored medication regimens because we know it is important to find the right medication or combinations of medication that will help you start feeling better quickly and help prevent headaches from returning in the future. In addition, we are at the forefront of research in the field and will be able to offer you new medications as they become available. Patients often benefit from non-medication treatment and at Mount Sinai we conveniently offer these services at one center.

Some of the additional services include:


Biofeedback is one of the most effective non-medication treatments. Biofeedback is useful as a both a primary and supplemental treatment for migraine, tension headache and other pain syndromes. It is particularly helpful in children and patients who cannot take medications because of side effects, other medical conditions or in women who are pregnant. It is a method of gaining control over you body’s physical response to pain taught to you by a trained specialist, usually a psychologist. At Mount Sinai we offer biofeedback for those ages 8 and above.

Outpatient Infusions

There are times when a headache attack does not respond to medications available at home. We offer an infusion center where intravenous medications can be administered without the need to visit the emergency room. Infusions can be given as a one time dose or repeated on subsequent days.

Inpatient Infusions

Rarely, people have headaches that cannot be overcome at home. If necessary, we can admit you into the hospital for more intensive round-the-clock treatment. Your headache specialist will coordinate your care and see you throughout your stay.

Botox Treatments

Onabotulinium toxin A (Botox) treatments are the only FDA approved treatment for chronic migraine. These treatments can be helpful in reducing both the frequency and intensity of headaches in a group of people that usually have difficulty finding relief. Our specialists can provide these treatments to you in an office setting during your regularly scheduled visit.

Therapeutic Procedures

Some people find that they require more than medication to help treat pain especially those that have not responded to many different trials of medication. There are treatments for pain that can be offered through our pain specialists and neurosurgical pain specialists including occipital and supraorbital nerve blocks, trigger point treatments, radiofrequency ablation and nerve stimulators.

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