Our Cognitive Health Services

The Center for Cognitive Health offers comprehensive evaluation and customized management for the full spectrum of cognitive impairments. Patients coming to us typically have concerns regarding one or more of the following cognitive functions:

  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Language (e.g., aphasias, dyslexias)
  • Visual processing
  • Decision-making
  • Cognition-related emotional regulation

Comprehensive Diagnosis for Cognitive Disorders

In order to determine the most thorough diagnosis possible, we offer an extensive inventory of evaluations to comprehensively assess each patient’s condition. Diagnostic assessments can include:

  • Neurologic physical examination
  • Neuropsychiatric evaluation
  • Neuropsychological testing (paper and computerized measurements of cognitive and emotional function)
  • Structural and functional brain imaging (MRI scan, PET scan, AmyvidTM scan)
  • Brain electrical function testing (electroencephalography (EEG))
  • Blood tests (to examine metabolic and nutritional evidence, and detect other treatable causes of cognitive symptoms)
  • Spinal fluid analysis
  • Genetic testing

The initial appointment is generally one hour. A customized assessment plan is then arranged for a follow-up visit.

These multi-disciplinary examinations comprise the most comprehensive medical evaluation possible, providing the information we need to design a treatment plan best suited for each patient.


Coordinated Treatment for Cognitive Disorders

Based on the extensive information compiled during our comprehensive diagnostic assessment, we design a coordinated management plan which integrates a complete range of treatment and services.

These can include:

  • medication (both proven drugs and emerging therapies being tested in clinical trials)
  • cognitive rehabilitation
  • physical therapy
  • counseling (including caregiver support)
  • customized patient care management

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