About the Center for Cognitive Health

The Center for Cognitive Health (CCH) provides expert care for patients struggling with memory and other cognitive impairments, across a full range of ages and disorders—from a young adult with attentional difficulties to a grandparent with memory dysfunction.

The Center brings together internationally-recognized neurologists, psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, neuroscientists, and patient care managers as one team, skilled in providing thorough diagnosis and customized treatment. Our patients have access to cutting-edge treatments in the form of clinical trials.

As a result of this fully-integrated, science-driven approach, our patients receive comprehensive care designed to help them achieve their best possible cognitive function and quality of life.

Comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment

Our Center bridges neurology, psychiatry, and related specialties in order to provide comprehensive diagnosis and deliver integrated treatment. Our interdisciplinary structure consolidates brain specialists and resources under one roof.

Mount Sinai is one of five medical centers in the country selected to be part of the new Neurological Care Program for retired NFL players.

With a commitment to comprehensive diagnoses, integrated treatment, and leading-edge research, the Center for Cognitive Health strives to provide innovative and personalized care to our patients—and their families.

Research-Enhanced Care

As a unit of the Friedman Brain Institute, our Center is involved in a wide range of cognitive research programs using emerging technologies to probe the underlying causes of cognitive and related neuropsychiatric disorders.

We are closely aligned with the Mount Sinai Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC), a nationally-renowned center of excellence dedicated to research of cognitive disorders associated with aging.

We can consequently offer cutting-edge therapies in the form of rapidly-accessed clinical trials that explore promising new treatments.

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