Pulmonary Function Laboratory

The Mount Sinai Pulmonary Function Laboratory is a state-of-the-art full service facility with the ability to perform diagnostic and monitoring tests for all types of lung diseases.  The Laboratory has multiple sites for testing within the medical center.  Our highly trained staff creates a comfortable testing environmental and is experienced in answering all questions about the procedures that we perform.  

Indications for Pulmonary Function Testing

Your doctor may send you for pulmonary function testing for a variety of reasons including obtaining general information about your lung health.  Some specific reasons for testing include the following:

  • To detect the presence or absence of lung disease
  • To assess the extent of lung disease
  • To assess the effect of treatment you are receiving
  • To measure the effects of occupational or environmental exposure
  • To assess your ability to undergo specific surgical procedures
  • To evaluate you for pulmonary disability
  • To assess your level of fitness

Contact Us

If you have a question regarding an upcoming lung function test, you can reach us at 212-241-5819.

FAQs on Lung Function Tests

Can I perform a test with a cold? Are there certain medical conditions that would prevent me from testing? Get answers to your frequently asked questions on lung function testing.

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