Vascular Ultrasound

Our Vascular Diagnostic Laboratory is fully accredited by the Intersocietal Commission on the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories (ICAVL) in extracranial cerebrovascular, peripheral arterial, peripheral venous and visceral vascular ultrasound.

We have a comprehensive quality control program designed to assure high degrees of accuracy in the tests that we perform. Our physicians and technologists are highly experienced in the performance of vascular physiologic and ultrasound studies.

Our goal is to perform vascular laboratory studies on a same day basis. The advanced computerized reporting system and digital image reading station technology utilized helps to ensure that final reports are interpreted, generated and distributed to the referring physician on the day the study is completed.

The most frequently performed studies in our Vascular Laboratory include carotid, renal, lower extremities and abdominal aorta duplex ultrasound. We also perform resting and exercise pulse-volume recordings (PVR) with segmental pressures, an excellent diagnostic tool in patients suspected of having peripheral arterial disease.

Other tests performed in our vascular laboratory include mesenteric artery ultrasound to rule out mesenteric ischemia, ultrasound guided thrombin injection of pseudoaneurysms, duplex ultrasound of arteriovenous dialysis fistulas and duplex ultrasound to exclude venous thrombosis.

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