Reuters - "George W. Bush receives stent for blocked heart artery"

Former President George W. Bush underwent successful surgery at a Dallas hospital to place a stent in a blocked heart artery.

New York, NY
 – August 6, 2013  –– 

Doctors discovered a blockage during Bush's annual physical. The procedure takes about 45 minutes to an hour, and most patients go home six to eight hours after a simple case, said Dr. Annapoorna Kini, director of the cardiac catheterization laboratory at The Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York who was not involved in treating Bush. The procedure is performed about 850,000 times a year in the United States, said Samin Sharma, another doctor at Mount Sinai.

- Dr. Annapoorna Kini, Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Lab, The Mount Sinai Medical Center
- Dr. Samin K. Sharma, Director, Clinical and Interventional Cardiology, Dean of International Clinical Affiliations, Professor, Medicine, Cardiology, The Mount Sinai Medical Center

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