NY1 - "Local Doctors Urge City Women to Be More Careful About Their Heart Health"

Cardiologists at the Mount Sinai Hospital are focusing this American Heart Month on women.

New York, NY
 – February 10, 2013  –– 

During 2010 in New York City, there were nearly 1,400 more cardiovascular-related deaths among women than men. "Pregnancy-related complications are other risk factors," says Dr. Mary Ann McLaughlin, the medical director of the Mount Sinai Cardiac Health Program. Dr. McLaughlin says women who have had issues with high blood pressure, hypertension and diabetes during pregnancy have an increased risk of heart disease. Dr. Joanna Chikwe, a cardiothoracic surgeon at Mount Sinai, says unfortunately the vast majority of women she operates on are minorities, and when they are in her care their situation is already dire. "All of these women that come, they often come in their 50s and their 40s with heart disease. It's a story about really poor prevention," says Dr. Chikwe. "They haven't looked after their cholesterol, they haven't had a chance to look after their blood pressure." Learn More