Fox News - "Soda: Public Health Enemy No. 1?"

High rates of soda consumption have been linked with numerous health problems, including weight gain, poor dental health, diabetes and cardiovascular disease – which can ultimately lead to heart attacks, stroke and premature death.

New York, NY
 – August 7, 2013  –– 

"If everything else in their diet is equal, a person who has a can of Coke a day adds an extra 14.5 pounds per year, just from the calories alone." According to Mary Ann McLaughlin, MD, Medical Director of the Cardiac Health Program and Co-Director of the Women's Cardiac Assessment and Risk Evaluation Program at Mount Sinai, it’s sodium and caffeine that do the most damage to the heart.

- Dr. Mary Ann McLaughlin, Associate Professor, Medicine, Cardiology, The Mount Sinai Medical Center

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