Research Frontiers

Our research in vascular and aortic diseases includes:

  • Peripheral arterial disease. Guided by Jeffrey W. Olin, DO, Professor of Medicine and Director of Vascular Medicine and the Vascular Diagnostic Laboratory, Mount Sinai Heart is playing an instrumental role in gene therapy to generate new blood vessels as a treatment for peripheral arterial disease. The new therapies may prevent circulatory problems and lower patients' risk of amputation.

  • Safer aneurysm repair. Through a grant from the National Institutes of Health, Mount Sinai Heart is working to gain a better understanding of the neurological issues that can arise during complicated aneurysm repair procedures. As the risk posed by aneurysm repair surgery decreases, the procedure will be recommended to more patients at risk of aneurysm rupture, saving lives.

  • Marfan syndrome. Co-Director of the Cardiovascular Genetics Program Bruce D. Gelb, MD, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics and Cardiology, and his team are investigating the molecular basis of Marfan syndrome, an often fatal connective tissue disorder, and are trying to identify other genes with cardiovascular abnormalities. Mount Sinai is the first and only cardiovascular genetics program in New York City.


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