Grabscheid Voice and Swallowing Center of Mount Sinai

Started by Dr. Eugen Grabscheid in 1989, the Grabscheid Voice and Swallowing Center of Mount Sinai was the first center for the medical treatment of the professional voice in New York. We have helped thousands of New York’s singers, actors, broadcasters, teachers, and other professional voice users during our history. We have always been at the forefront of new developments in the medical management of voice and swallowing disorders that affect not only actors and singers, but anyone who relies on their voice for communication. We continue to develop combined treatment programs that include surgical and nonsurgical treatments, as well as therapy targeting the health and use of the vocal cords for speaking, singing, breathing, and swallowing. Read more

Swallowing Pills Made Easy

Speech and Language Pathologist Leanne Goldberg, MS, CCC-SLP, offers insights into what causes swallowing difficulties with pills and some pill-swallowing solutions for those struggling with it.

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Conditions We Treat

The Grabscheid Voice and Swallowing Center of Mount Sinai offers state-of-the-art diagnostics and imaging technologies and the most advanced treatment techniques and therapy to maximize your swallowing ability and use of your voice.

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Grabscheid Voice and Swallowing Center of Mount Sinai
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Speaking After Tracheal Stenosis

Anna wasn't able to speak after suffering surgical trauma to her voice box in a New Jersey hospital. Dr. Mark Courey performed surgery on her and she has regained her voice. "Dr. Courey is a godsend," she says.

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