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Mount Sinai’s Center for Hearing and Balance has been at the forefront of treating all forms of hearing loss, cholesteatoma, vertigo and imbalance disorders and acoustic neuromas. Our physicians and surgeons work in a multidisciplinary approach, so patients benefit from various expert opinions and a personalized treatment plan. The Center is a major referral hub for all hearing and balance disorders, particularly cholesteatoma and Meniere’s disease, for which our outcomes best the national averages. Learn more

Hearing Aids

At the Hearing and Balance Center, board certified doctors of audiology perform evaluations to assess hearing and determine if hearing aids are appropriate. Our team offers patients the full line of the latest technology hearing aids and assistive listening devices.

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Cholesteatoma is an aggressive disease that typically requires surgery. At Mount Sinai, our hearing and balance experts have vast expertise performing this procedure safely, resulting in excellent outcomes.

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Patient Story

When Ruben Brown came to Mount Sinai, he had complete hearing loss in both ears. After getting a cochlear implant, he can now hear and talk on the telephone with his family and friends.

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