Surgical Treatments for IBD

Mount Sinai offers surgical treatments for the following forms of IBD:

Crohn’s disease

When symptoms of Crohn’s disease do not respond to medication, your doctor may recommend surgery — especially if you’re experiencing complications such as bleeding, fistulas, infections, or narrowing of the bowel. Your surgeon may recommend removing the damaged part of your intestine and connecting the two healthy ends. You may also benefit from surgery to close fistulas, remove scar tissue, or drain abscesses. If a segment of your intestine has become too narrow, you may require a procedure to widen the affected area. Although surgery will not cure Crohn’s disease, it often can improve your quality of life.

Ulcerative colitis

Your doctor may recommend surgery in some cases, especially if your symptoms persist or worsen. If serious complications or drug side effects develop, or if cancerous or precancerous changes occur in your colon, we use both open surgery and the most advanced minimally invasive techniques to treat ulcerative colitis.

Minimally invasive surgery generally uses small "keyhole" incisions as opposed to a large open incision. Through ports in these incisions, your surgeon inserts surgical instruments and a tiny camera. The camera transmits images to a computer monitor, where your surgeon uses them for guidance throughout the procedure. Minimally invasive techniques have many benefits, such as shorter hospital stays, less pain, and a faster recovery time.

Surgery for ulcerative colitis may restore intestinal function to near normal. Although other medical centers usually require at least a temporary ileostomy as part of the surgery, at Mount Sinai, our surgeons usually perform the procedure without requiring an ileostomy at all.

Surgery for children and teens

For children and teens who require surgery for IBD, we develop an individualized plan to help ensure the best possible outcome. An interdisciplinary team of IBD experts will work with you to discuss all medical and surgical options and answer all your questions.

Inflammation of the small intestine

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