Specialized Services

In addition to our diagnostic and treatment services, Mount Sinai’s Center for Inflammatory Bowel Disease offers the following services:

Complication Monitoring
Mount Sinai’s Center for Inflammatory Bowel Disease addresses potential and existing complications of IBD, including monitoring for colon cancer and management of dysplasia. The emphasis is on early detection: for patients who may have coexisting inherited colon cancer syndromes, the Center offers genetic testing and genetic counseling, while for dysplasia, our expert endoscopists use chromoendoscopy and DNA-based techniques to identify the condition at its incipient stages. Our gastrointestinal pathologists are experts in the recognition of dysplasia in the setting of inflammatory bowel disease.

To assist patients whose IBD has caused malnourishment, as well as those who simply wish advice on their eating habits, our registered dietician can provide important guidance on diet and nutritional aids.

Trained in behavioral therapy, a staff psychologist with extensive experience in chronic illness helps patients cope with the stressful situations that may exacerbate inflammatory bowel disease or its manifestations.

Patient Education
Our nurse practitioner provides valuable patient education on ways of managing IBD in daily life, and also coordinates care for patients seeing multiple specialists within the medical center.

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