Support Services

Social Workers

Professional oncology/hematology social workers support Ruttenberg patients and their loved ones in a wide range of ways. In addition to providing emotional support through individual and family counseling, our social work staff can help you find practical assistance with daily living from sources both within Mount Sinai and in your community. This may include information on transportation, meal programs, and caregiver resources. Our staff often can give you educational materials developed by organizations that specialize in your disease. If you are in need of financial assistance relating to your cancer treatment, including assistance for prescription medications, your Ruttenberg social worker will guide you through the process of applying for such assistance.


Please ask to meet with our registered dietician to discuss any nutritional concerns you may have, including an assessment of your current eating habits and advice on how to eat before, during, and after your cancer treatment.

Support Groups and Other Activities

When you are here, please pick up our monthly calendar of disease-specific support groups and recreational activities offered here at Mount Sinai. (Take-away calendars are available in the Resource Center on our 3rd floor.)