Preparing for Your First Appointment

Who to Bring with You

We heartily encourage you to bring either a family member or friend when you have an appointment at the Ruttenberg Center. With the safety and comfort of all of our patients in mind, we ask you to adhere to the following policies:

  • Due to the complexity of cancer care and the risk of infection, children under the age of 12 are not permitted in any area of Ruttenberg other than the 3rd floor waiting room, where they must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children under 12 are not permitted on the 4th floor (infusion center).

  • Please bring no more than two people with you to any given appointment. You may want to arrange for family members and friends to rotate their visits.

Medical Records

It is in your best interest for your Ruttenberg physician to review your medical records from your referring physician before your visit. Your records include the results of any laboratory and other diagnostic tests performed in connection with the problem that brings you to Ruttenberg. Along with written reports, please provide films and/or disks containing results from any x-rays, scans, and/or MRIs you may have had. If you have had a biopsy, please provide the biopsy slides and a copy of your pathology report. Biopsy slides can be obtained by calling the Pathology Department of the hospital where your biopsy was performed. 

Getting Your Records to Your Ruttenberg Physician

  • We can help you obtain your medical records and have them sent directly to Ruttenberg, at no cost to you, through a service called e-Health Global Technologies. If you did not select this option when you scheduled your appointment, you may call 212-241-6756 and request it now. This is usually the easiest and most reliable way to get your complete medical records to your Ruttenberg physician.

  • Another option is for you to gather your medical records and either mail or fax them to Ruttenberg prior to your visit. 

Mailing Address 

Medical Records Department 
Ruttenberg Treatment Center 
Mount Sinai Health System 
One Gustave L. Levy Place, Box 1129 
New York, New York 10029-6574
Please write date of your appointment on envelope. 

Fax number:  212-241-7141

If you are unable to either mail or fax your health records ahead, please be sure to bring them to your first appointment. 

Insurance Information 

Please bring your insurance card and your Social Security number. If you are insured under someone else’s policy (your partner or parent, for example), please bring his/her Social Security number with you. 

Many insurers require a referral from your Primary Care Physician in order for your oncology care to be covered. Please bring any referrals that your insurance plan requires (which may include one for your doctor’s visit and another one for hospital services such as laboratory and pathology services) to your first appointment. 

We rely on you to provide accurate and current insurance information in order to receive care at Ruttenberg. 


Hematology Oncology Personal History Form: It is very important to complete this form carefully, as it will serve as the basis of your first consultation with your Ruttenberg physician. Sometimes it is helpful to fill this form out with a family member or close friend who may be able to help you recall some of the details of your health history. 

Authorizations and Assignments: By signing this form, you are acknowledging your responsibility for charges billed by Mount Sinai Hospital and Icahn School of Medicine; giving your consent to the Hospital, the School of Medicine, and your physician to disclose health information to your insurers and others if needed to obtain payment; and authorizing payment of your medical benefits to be made directly to your service providers. 

Use of Information Authorization: This form requests your permission for your doctors to disclose your name and contact information to Mount Sinai’s Development Office for the purpose of contacting you with marketing information and/or about fundraising efforts that support the work of your doctors.

Agreement to Receive Messages Containing PHI at Home: By signing this form, you are authorizing the physician you name on the form (or his/her designee) to leave messages containing Personal Health Information on your home answering machine, with someone other than yourself who answers your home telephone, or at another telephone number specified by you.