Integrative and Supportive Services

At the Dubin Breast Center, we believe in the importance of ensuring that all patients’ needs are addressed—body, mind, and spirit. For hundreds of years, science has recognized the importance of stress and diet on our health. How we think and feel and what we eat can have a profound influence on our health and well-being. We therefore strive to give patients the care, support, and tools they need to live a healthier, calmer, and happier life.

Our Center is pleased to offer integrative and supportive services for patients at all stages of their cancer journey—from diagnosis through survivorship. Such a range of options give patients the opportunity to choose which services they want and to develop their own personalized care plan.

Our staff of skilled, empathic integrative medicine professionals offers a wide range of symptom management and wellness programs to help patients enrich their quality of life, to enhance their ability to cope with stresses associated with diagnosis and treatment, to ease any symptoms and side-effects they experience, and to enable them to meet their personal lifestyle goals. Our staff includes psychologists, massage therapists, and nutritionists. All of our integrative programs are evidence-based, and reflect state-of-the-art scientific protocols and clinical trials. All staff members are licensed and/or credentialed, and all have cancer-specific training and expertise.

Services Offered

Our Center recognizes that patients’ experiences of cancer and its treatment can vary widely. To match this diversity of experience, we offer services tailored to patient needs and goals. We provide short-term interventions for patients interested in stress management, massage, hypnosis, and relaxation techniques to strengthen their ability to cope with the emotional and physical effects of breast cancer and its treatment. We also offer longer-term interventions for patients interested in diet and nutrition, smoking cessation and lifestyle changes, and traditional psychotherapy services to help patients cope with longer-term concerns, including issues of family and role changes, body image, and depressed and anxious mood. In addition to one-on-one sessions with professionals, we also offer workshops and classes to teach patients the skills they need to improve well-being.

Research and Training

Our Center conducts innovative research to develop and test new interventions to help improve patients’ quality of life. We are also involved with training professionals from all over the country in our evidence-based techniques.

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