Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment

Many young people are at risk. Across the country, 5% of high school students abuse alcohol so severely that their daily functioning suffers. 25% of seniors report binge drinking. Drug use remains a serious threat to lifelong health.

So, we provide prevention survives and treatment services for drug and alcohol problems to adolescents ages 10-24 within a comprehensive health and mental health approach.

Our Community Youth Program is designed to prevent substance abuse in adolescents. Counseling and support services include individual, group and family counseling.

Our work is tailored to the way young people think and act. It is designed to reduce the risk of harm to them and to help them cope.

We work with the whole family.

Services include:

The tool kit we use to help young people and their families includes evidence based approaches designed specifically for young people:

  • Strengthening Families © a nationally recognized program of family skills training to address problem behaviors
  • Teen Intervene © a brief intervention aimed at reducing substance use in youth showing early signs of substance abuse problems
  • Botvin LifeSkills Training © to reduce risk of teen substance abuse
  • 7 Challenges © treatment to motivate decisions and commitments to change in adolescent and young adult substance abusers
  • Anger Management for Substance Abuse and Mental Health – developing control over thoughts and actions