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Why Should Your Corporation Enroll in Our Comprehensive Health Program?

Execution is the process of designing, organizing, and creating strategies that can withstand unforeseen events. It embraces performance that yields accomplishments. In order to execute their mission, today's leaders need to be totally focused on their agenda with clear, core objectives. Comprehensive Health exemplifies the art of proactively taking control of one's health through risk reduction and wellness.

An internationally acclaimed Academic Medical Institution, The Mount Sinai Hospital has become synonymous with excellence in healthcare, innovation, and research. One of the most impactful ways you can secure your top performers' health and productivity is by enrolling them into the Corporate and Healthcare Partnership with Mount Sinai’s Comprehensive Health Program. By targeting and reducing health risk, exploring potential health problems, and employing the newest techniques and technologies, our team of distinguished experts strives to preserve your most precious assets and offer your executives peace of mind.

We execute your comprehensive health physical through questioning, analysis, and follow-through in just in one day. Let our Corporate Healthcare Team guide you in optimizing the health of your leaders. Your company depends on a healthy workforce to be productive and sustainable. To ensure that your team stays healthy, it is essential to promote a culture that emphasizes prevention and wellness. The first step is to provide an executive health benefit, so your team members can begin to take charge of their own health.

Mount Sinai’s Comprehensive Health Program Advantages

The Comprehensive Health Program at The Mount Sinai Hospital draws client from around the globe seeking our highly-skilled physicians and clinical staff. We understand the stressors and time management issues that are common for executives and business owners, so we created a comprehensive one-day program for your busy executives. If during the one-day program the need should arise for consultation in a specific medical area, your executive will receive VIP access to Mount Sinai's specialists and sub-specialists.

Recently, we have paired with many international and nationally recognized companies to create customized corporate packages. Mount Sinai can craft a service agreement to coordinate and implement your Comprehensive Health Program, as it has done with some of the world's largest Fortune 500 companies. We offer on-site educational programs for eligible corporate leaders, providing medical concierge for domestic and international patients, all the while providing superior client service with consistent follow-up. Please tour our facilities and allows us the opportunity to showcase our Comprehensive Health Program.

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