Before Your Visit 


Individuals participating in this program will receive a packet by mail and/or by email to include a detailed health questionnaire, cardio consultation form, and menu so we may coordinate your schedule. Filling out these forms allows our staff to customize any special test and coordinate the day of your visit. Please include a list of medications, pertained health history and any recent X-rays or imaging if requested by the Mount Sinai Program for Diagnostic and Preventive Medicine. 

To get started immediately, please download and complete the Medical History Questionnaire and Cardiology Consultation forms

What To Expect The Night Before Your Visit 

Please follow any specific instructions pertaining to your individual program and schedule. Do not eat or drink after midnight, avoid caffeine and supplements containing stimulants before your physical. Please bring comfortable clothes and shoes (sneakers and gym clothes are necessary since you will be walking on a treadmill), and a list of particular questions you would like the doctor to answer.

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