About Mount Sinai’s Comprehensive Health Program

At The Mount Sinai Hospital, our distinguished physicians understand that time is a precious commodity for today’s professionals and executives. However, even more valuable is your greatest asset – your health, and our Comprehensive Health Program is a comprehensive one-day assessment, designed to help you take control of it with preventive action.

Within one convenient day, each participant of the Program undergoes a comprehensive set of lab tests and non-invasive exams. Before you leave, the results, an in-depth consultation, and strategic recommendations are given to you to address any current or potential health issues. After the session, a confidential, comprehensive report is sent to you and your personal physician. Isn’t your health worth one day of your time? 

Why Choose Mount Sinai?

U.S. News & World Report ranked The Mount Sinai Hospital among the nation's top hospitals for 2014-2015 and our Cardiology & Heart Surgery services as 10th in the country. Our longstanding tradition of excellence in clinical care, research, and genomics has drawn patients from around the globe to this preventative medicine Program. Led by Director Kevin G. Dunsky, MD, the Comprehensive Health Program is a one-stop, internationally recognized health care destination. Participants in our Program choose Mount Sinai because they have access to:

  • Some of the top, senior physicians worldwide
  • Our signature Ambassador Service
  • Cutting-edge imaging technology (i.e. stress echocardiogram)
  • Vast research and genomics resources
  • Rapid turnaround of results (within the day)
  • Spanish-speaking physicians

While many other facilities offer a similar Program, none can provide the access you will have to our award-winning physicians or the wealth of research resources Mount Sinai possesses. Mount Sinai Heart Founding Director Valentin Fuster, MD, PhD, is the only cardiologist to have received all four major research awards from the world’s four major cardiovascular organizations. He made headlines when he managed a patient who underwent a combined heart and lung transplant in 2006 – an achievement heralded by New York Magazine as one of the “11 medical marvels.” Director of Clinical Cardiology Services at the Cardiovascular Institute, Jonathan L. Halperin, MD, is a recipient of numerous distinguished awards whose reputation for setting the standards for high quality patient care has led to his writing of guidelines for managing patients with various cardiovascular disorders for the American Heart Association. These, among others, are the physicians who assess our Comprehensive Health Program participants’ health.

What to Expect

Your day of your medical assessment begins with the flexibility in your schedule, and the convenience of Mount Sinai’s coordination of your tests and consultations throughout the day. A concierge from our Ambassador Services will guide you through your test areas and your entire Program itinerary. Services offered include: 

  • Comprehensive medical history evaluation and complete physical examination
  • Comprehensive laboratory evaluation of blood and urine
  • Detailed cardiovascular assessment, including risk evaluation, lipid and lipoprotein profile, electrocardiogram, exercise-echocardiography, peripheral vascular evaluation, and carotid artery imaging
  • Pulmonary assessment, including high-resolution CT imaging of the chest and pulmonary function testing
  • Gastrointestinal evaluation, including CT imaging of the abdomen, pelvis and other studies as indicated
  • Genitourinary evaluation, including blood tests of renal function, urinalysis, CT imaging of the kidneys, bladder and pelvic organs, prostate examination, and prostate-specific antigen for men
  • Endocrine evaluation, using blood tests and selective imaging of the adrenal glands, pancreas, ovaries and prostate
  • Gynecological examination by a specialist, if needed
  • Ophthalmic and audiometric examinations
  • Dermatological examination
  • Consultation about health status and future recommendations

Our Partners

Benefits specialists, human resources experts, business owners and various independent professionals partner with Mount Sinai’s Comprehensive Health Program to keep their employees and themselves proactively engaged in their health. We have two one-day package options to tailor the needs of individuals and company employees. Our goal is to help you and your associates live longer, healthier lives through the highest measures of preventive care.


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