Interventional Cardiology/Cath Lab Team

Seamless teamwork, strict adherence to protocols and open communication about complex cases have enabled Mount Sinai's Cardiac Cath team to achieve an unprecedented level of excellence in patient safety. Our team of medical and non-medical staff members has expanded greatly over the last few years as a result of our patient volume, which has has increased significantly.

Presently we have five full-time senior attendings, seven full-time affiliate attendings, 11 voluntary interventional attendings, four voluntary cath attendings, two CHF/Transplant attendings, one pediatric cath attending, eight interventional fellows and 14 cath lab nurse practitioners. The total number of Cath Lab staff including nurses, technician and support staff has grown to more than 145, along with a nurse manager, operational manager and nursing director. Each member of the Cath Lab staff has a strong work ethic and takes pride in their contribution to the goal of the department — delivering efficient and safe care to patients in need. As a result, the Cath Lab consistently reports a very high level of patient satisfaction, along with its unmatched patient safety ranking.

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