New York 1 News - Dr. Matthew Spitzer: “New Brooklyn Medical Center Opens”

 – September 18, 2013  –– 

Mount Sinai Doctors Brooklyn Heights is a new, 75,000 square foot facility located at Cadman Plaza West will provide outpatient care for everything from pediatrics to surgical consultations.  There are currently 30 doctors on staff, and 20 more are expected to be added before the end of the year.  Mount Sinai says the focus on outpatient treatment reflects a new trend in healthcare. "We understand that more and more care is going to shift to the ambulatory, that is to say the outpatient arena. And we think that this model is the way outpatient medical care needs to be given in the future," said Mount Sinai Health Network President Arthur Klein, MD.  “We have immediate access to whole array of specialties and quite advanced diagnostics and imaging, ultrasound, and CT scans,” said Matthew Spitzer, MD, a family medicine specialist at Mount Sinai Doctors Brooklyn Heights.