Inside Mount Sinai

In this issue:

  • Mount Sinai Heart has received a $3.8 million American Heart Association grant to promote cardiovascular health among high-risk children in Harlem and the Bronx. The grant is being led by Valentin Fuster, MD, PhD, Zahi Fayad, PhD, and Eric Schadt, PhD.

  • Ayana Richardson, 24, who underwent a high-stakes liver transplant at The Mount Sinai Hospital, is now thriving thanks to an extraordinary collaboration between Stephan Mayer, MD, and Sander Florman, MD.

  • Benjamin tenOever, PhD, and his research team have challenged a long-held belief that mammals use the same antiviral molecules as plants and invertebrates to cripple viruses. Their findings are expected to impact drug discovery.

  • Children in Mount Sinai's Program for Inherited Metabolic Diseases helped artist Edin Rudic put the finishing touches on a new wall design in their clinic.

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