New Center for Science and Medicine to Bring Health Benefits and Job Opportunities

Mount Sinai’s new Center for Science and Medicine will combine research and clinical care while providing job opportunities to the local community.

New York, NY
 – January 3, 2009 /Press Release/  –– 

With construction underway on its new Center for Science and Medicine, The Mount Sinai Medical Center is looking forward to significantly expanding its research and treatment programs while providing hundreds of job opportunities to local residents.

Construction and operation of the Center for Science and Medicine at E. 102nd St., between Madison and Fifth Avenues, will provide concrete economic and health benefits to Mount Sinai’s neighboring East Harlem community. Mount Sinai is already the leading employer in East Harlem, and nearly one-half of the visits to its outpatient clinics are from Harlem residents.

Health benefits

  • Expanded research in cancer, brain, heart disease, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, obesity and other areas of research and clinical care
  • More than 200 physicians, nurses, social workers, nutritionists, medical assistants, registration and financial personnel, and other administrative staff to support the Center’s outpatient facilities
  • 400 new patient visits per day
  • More than $350 million in additional National Institutes of Health funding during the first five years

Economic benefits

  • More than 650 permanent new employment opportunities with an annual payroll of nearly $40 million. The new jobs include 100 faculty members, 100 graduate students, 125 postdoctoral fellows, 200 technicians, 25 secretaries, 10 administrators, 21 engineering jobs, and at least 50 building operations jobs.
  • Implementation of a community construction employment program, with an average of 1,260 full-time new construction jobs for each of the three years of construction
  • Formation of four new start-up companies generating 50 new jobs

Completion of the new Center for Science and Medicine building is anticipated in late 2012.