WCBS-TV - "Dr. Max Gomez: Electrodes for Heart Disease"

 – February 10, 2014  –– 

Congestive heart failure is the fastest growing heart disease in the country, yet a new experimental nerve stimulator may help. Doctors at The Mount Sinai Hospital are performing surgery that is still in the clinical trial phase to implement such stimulators. “Devices are implanted into the body that regulate how the nervous system work,” said Brian Kopell, MD, Associate Professor of Neurosurgery, Neuroscience, Neurology and Psychiatry at The Mount Sinai Hospital. “We see that the heart function actually does improve, and this is an improvement to sustain the short term, but at least 24 months,” said Vivek Reddy, MD, Professor of Medicine (Cardiology), and Director of Arrhythmia Services at The Mount Sinai Hospital. Learn more