WABC-TV - "Control Blood Pressure by Destroying Nerves"

 – August 21, 2012 /Press Release/  –– 

High blood pressure can cause strokes, heart attacks and death. Often, even a combination of pills doesn't work, but a new procedure might. This is a method still under study to control blood pressure by destroying nerves from the kidneys to the brain. Nerve signals in this circuit can push blood pressure very high. Cutting the circuit can make pressure normal again. Robert Meyer is a retired science teacher whose students called him "Professor Bob". But even professors get high blood pressure, and Bob's just wouldn't come down, no matter the pill. At that point, Dr. Vivek Reddy offered Bob an experimental solution, a procedure to burn away nerves linking the brain and kidneys, nerves that carry signals that can raise blood pressure. "It's not perfect, it's not a cure for high blood pressure, but it decreases blood pressure enough to help a lot of people whose blood pressure can't be controlled," said Dr. Vivek Reddy from The Mount Sinai Medical Center. Learn more