NY Times - "Looking to Industry for the Next Digital Disruption"

 – November 23, 2012 /Press Release/  –– 

For the last few years, General Electric and The Mount Sinai Medical Center have been working on a project to optimize the operations of the hospital. The challenge for hospitals, especially as cost pressures tighten, is to treat more patients more efficiently, while improving the quality of care. Technology, said Wayne Keathley, President and COO of The Mount Sinai Hospital, can play a vital role. At Mount Sinai, patients get a black plastic wristband with a location sensor and other information. Similar sensors are on beds and medical equipment. An important advantage, Mr. Keathley said, is to be able to see the daily flow of patients, physical assets and treatment as it unfolds. Modeling software is beginning to make predictions about likely patient admission and discharge numbers over the next several hours, based on historical patterns at the hospital and other circumstances — say, in flu season. The software, which Mount Sinai has been trying out in recent months, acts as an intelligent assistant to admitting officers. Learn more