NY Times - "Cancer Centers Racing to Map Patients' Genes"

 – April 22, 2013  –– 

Major academic medical centers in New York and around the country are spending and recruiting heavily in what has become an arms race within the war on cancer. The investments are based on the belief that the medical establishment is moving toward the routine sequencing of every patient's genome in the quest for "precision medicine," a course for prevention and treatment based on the special, even unique characteristics of the patient's genes. At The Mount Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Eric Schadt, an all-around risk aficionado who rides a BMW S 1000 RR Superbike, says he will use the mathematical principles of weather and markets forecasting to assess the risk of disease, and, given a disease, determine the subtype and best drugs to use. Mount Sinai has collected what it calls an electronic "biobank" of information on 24,000 patients, who have agreed to participate in DNA sequencing and research over their lifetimes. Learn more