NY Daily News - "The Daily Checkup: Establishing A Healthy Diet Is The Best Way To Reduce Several Chronic Diseases"

 – August 22, 2012 /Press Release/  –– 

Like New Year's Eve and wedding season, back-to-school days can be a good time to embark on a resolution to eat more healthfully. "In our 21st-century high-stress and fast-paced society, we're all at risk of eating an unhealthy diet," says Dr. Carol Horowitz from The Mount Sinai Medical Center. "Since obesity is related to diabetes, heart disease and cancer, you can reduce your risk of all these problems by taking simple steps like eating more fruits and vegetables, cutting back on junk food and reducing portion size." Cutting 100 calories from your diet per day adds up to a 10-pound weight loss in a year. Doctors divide patients into three weight categories: normal weight, overweight and obese. "Obesity is measured by the ratio of your weight to your height, and it's not a measure of beauty, it's a measure of health," says Dr. Horowitz. Learn more