NY 1 - "NYer Of The Week: Hospital Visitor Lends A Helping Paw"

 – May 11, 2012 /Press Release/  –– 

Every Wednesday, patients recovering from traumatic injuries at The Mount Sinai Hospital receive visits from a four-legged friend. Wally is a certified therapy dog. He and his owner, Laurie Vogel, are volunteers at Mount Sinai Hospital. "I think he knows it's a job," says Vogel. "He acts differently when he is here." Most of the patients Wally visits are recovering from spinal cord and brain injuries. Wally's bedside manner provides a welcome change from the stressful hospital routine. "Wally is a very soothing, calming experience in their day," Vogel says. "Many people say this is the best part of the day when Wally sits on their lap or gives them a kiss." Learn more