NY 1 - "Advocates, Scientists Fail to Reach Agreement on Possible 9-11 Cancer Links"

 – June 17, 2013  –– 

City Council members were looking for definitive answers Monday, during a Lower Manhattan hearing on whether there is a link between September 11 debris and cancer rates among first responders. The federal government essentially recognized the relationship when it expanded 9/11 health coverage to include 50 cancers, but lawmakers want more diseases added to that list. It's clear everyone agrees the exposures were unprecedented. "[They] were unusual in terms of their high intensity and the complex mix of known and suspected carcinogens involved," said Dr. Laura Crowley of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. While scientists from Mount Sinaiand the city Health and Fire Departments all found higher rates of certain cancers among first responders, prostate and thyroid in particular, none were willing to make an outright association. Learn more