New York Times - "City Unveils Campaign to Improve Girls’ Self-Esteem"

 – September 30, 2013  –– 

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is taking on the popular, unattainable notions of beauty promoted by professional image-makers with a campaign that tells girls that they are beautiful the way they are, featured on bus and subway ads. The campaign aims to reach girls from about 7 to 12 years old, who are at risk of negative body images that can lead to eating disorders, drinking, acting out sexually, suicide and bullying.  Christopher Ochner, MD, a researcher of obesity, eating disorders and nutrition at Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center in Manhattan, said the ads could be effective because they offered a more realistic picture than "the media's portrayal of ideal beauty, which is still this stick-thin, crazy-thin" standard.  "Average girls look at fashion models and say, 'If I'm not like that, then nobody's going to need me or love me.'" Learn more