Jewish Star - "Mount Sinai Unveils Plan For Their ‘Heimische Approach To Healthcare’"

 – January 31, 2013 /Press Release/  –– 

The developer [Simone] whose bid for Number Six School was accepted by the Lawrence Board of Education [subject to a March 20 community referendum].  Simone plans to lease the property to Mount Sinai, which wants to open a 60 doctor, 30 specialty health care facility and an urgent care center. The facility will be a "unique advanced ambulatory care center," noted Dr. Simeon Schwartz, a Mount Sinai consultant. "It is coordinated efficient quality care. Coordinated because doctors share both a physical location and a common electronic record. On the quality side, the new facility has the necessary computerized analytical systems that can measure quality. Mount Sinai will provide improved access for complicated services at their Manhattan campus. It’s a top priority for Mount Sinai that care is patient centered." Learn more