HealthDay - "Low-Dose Daily Aspirin Enough to Help Heart Attack Patients: Study"

 – March 24, 2012 /Press Release/  –– 

Heart attack patients who take either a high or low dose of aspirin daily have the same level of protection against another heart attack or other cardiovascular events such as stroke, according to a new study. One expert said the study confirms there is "no role for high-dose aspirin" in this type of scenario. Dr. Jennifer Yu, a cardiologist and research fellow at The Mount Sinai Medical Center, said she and her colleagues published similar findings at the American Heart Association annual meeting in 2011. In that study, "after adjusting for baseline differences in the two groups, we found that the use of high-dose aspirin (greater than 200 milligrams) afforded no additional protection with respect to ischemic events [such as heart attack or stroke] in comparison to low-dose aspirin (less than 200 milligrams)," Dr. Yu noted. Learn more