Daily Mail - "Why 'Healthy' Grilled Food Could Actually Be Making You Fat"

 – August 24, 2012 /Press Release/  –– 

Eating grilled and roasted meals could actually increase the risk of obesity and diabetes, research suggests. This is because when food is cooked in a dry heat it produces a compound that is linked weight gain and insulin resistance, experts from Mount Sinai say. The compound—methyl-glyoxal (MG)—is a type of advanced glycation endproduct (AGE), which has been found to lower the body’s protective mechanisms that control inflammation. Professor Helen Vlassara said: "This was a prolonged but rewarding study showing that a specific AGE compound abundant in foods, within only a few generations in mouse terms, contributes to the increase in weight gain, insulin resistance, and, diabetes, reproducing the pattern seen increasingly in humans over the last decades." Learn more