CBS News - "Premature Babies' Story of Survival in Superstorm"

 – October 31, 2012 /Press Release/  –– 

Outside NYU Jeremy Donovan had come to check on his son William who was born three weeks ago with congenital heart disease. But no one would let him in. He said, "I tried to explain that I had a 3-week-old, fresh off of heart surgery, but that negotiation was fruitless." Donovan waited outside in the driving wind and rain for two hours. Finally, a doctor escorted him inside. He said, "We kind of jogged/ran 15 flights of stairs to his floor and got to the top of the steps and the floor was pitch black. I found my son and I found his nurse and that was kind of an awesome moment, and then we just walked down together." A harrowing drive down dark, slick streets to hospitals that hadn't lost power followed: Mount Sinai for William, Montefiore for Jackson. Mom Jo-An Tremblay-Shepherd said, "For (Jackson's) situation, for his age, he's doing really, really good, considering the long drive in the ambulance it took to get here." Learn more