Becker’s Hospital Review - "The Rise of Big Data in Hospitals: Opportunities Behind the Phenomenon"

 – December 21, 2012 /Press Release/  –– 

In and around the healthcare industry there has been a lot of talk about "big data" — very large sets of complex data that become difficult to process using database management tools. According to Joel Dudley, MD, director of biomedical informatics for The Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, healthcare organizations are realizing that all of their data can be captured and leveraged as a strategic asset. "Big data is not just about storing huge amounts of data. It's the ability to mine and integrate data, extracting new knowledge from it to inform and change the way providers, even patients, think about healthcare," says Dr. Dudley. "[At Mount Sinai], we have a mandate to work together to leverage informatics to leverage the future of our healthcare services. We are invested in [big data]," says Dr. Dudley. "We are putting power behind informatics, big data and predictive modeling because it will be a big part of healthcare going forward. [The administration] is enabling us to start the dialogue and sit down with clinicians." Learn More