About the Mount Sinai Parenting Center

The Mount Sinai Parenting Center is a newly formed organization that focuses on addressing the medical, behavioral and developmental, and psychosocial needs of children through evidence-based education support and guidance for all families. Housed in the Department of Pediatrics at Mount Sinai’s Kravis Children's Hospital, its unique interdisciplinary team of physicians, developmental psychologists, educators and social workers serve to empower parents throughout their journey of parenthood.

Our Mission

The mission of the Mount Sinai Parenting Center is to foster the health, resilience and well-being of children and families by equipping healthcare providers to deliver outstanding parenting support, education and family-centered services and by advancing scientific knowledge related to parenting.

Founding Principle of the Mount Sinai Parenting Center

The Mount Sinai Parenting Center is driven by the central premise that the success and resilience of our children is directly influenced by having engaged and informed parents. We are a team of medical professionals and educators who are passionate about providing reliable and valid, evidence-based information to help parents with concerns that might not be addressed by routine physician health appointments.

Services and Programs We Offer

Addressing parental concerns, particularly those whose children have a complex mental or physical condition, often requires a team of professionals. At the Mount Sinai Parenting Center, we employ a multidisciplinary approach to addressing the medical, developmental and psychosocial needs of children and their families. We offer the most current medical information from leading doctors, combined with the expertise of developmental psychologists, social workers, child abuse specialists, child life workers and others. 

Our Vision for the Future

Our vision is to create programming from the prenatal period through adolescence. We plan to provide classes, interactive web resources, seminars and panel discussions on a wide range of topics such as discipline, sleep issues, lactation, allergies and resilience, along with resources for families dealing with chronic illnesses, divorce, foster care, child abuse, teen pregnancy and more. The Parenting Center intends to grow and evolve based on the needs of those in the community.

Join Us in Our Mission and Vision

As a newly established program, the Mount Sinai Parenting Center is seeking support from the New York community, concerned families, foundations and corporations. Your contributions will build upon our mission to be a valuable medical, developmental and psychosocial resource for families in their quest to raise healthy and resilient children. Join us in this effort, by calling 212-241-6934 or visiting our Make a Gift page.

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