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    • PROFESSOR | Neuroscience
    • PROFESSOR | Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine
    • PROFESSOR | Ophthalmology
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Dr. Hof graduated from the School of Medicine of the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and is Dorothy and Irving Regenstreif Professor in the Nash Family Department of Neuroscience at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai where he directs the Glickenhaus Center for Successful Aging, and the Kastor Neurobiology of Aging Laboratories. His laboratory has extensive expertise in the pathology of neuropsychiatric disorders and has established an international reputation in quantitative approaches to neuroanatomy and neuropathology, and studies of brain evolution.  Dr. Hof is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Comparative Neurology, and is a Fellow of the American Association of Anatomists.

Research Topics

Aging, Alzheimer's Disease, Anatomy, Autism, Brain, Brain Imaging, Cerebral Cortex, Comparative Anatomy, Demyelination, Epilepsy, Evolution, Glutamate (NMDA & AMPA) Receptors, Hippocampus, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Memory, Mental Retardation, Morphometrics, Neural Networks, Neuro-degeneration/protection, Prefrontal Cortex, Quantitative Neuroanatomy, Synapses, Systems Neuroscience

Multi-Disciplinary Training Areas

Neuroscience [NEU], Pharmacology and Therapeutics Discovery [PTD]


MD, University of Geneva School of Medicine

, The Scripps Research Institute