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Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Pathology
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    • ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR | Pathology, Molecular and Cell Based Medicine
    • ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR | Neuroscience
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    • Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Pathology
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    • The Mount Sinai Hospital

Dr. Tsankova is an Associate Professor in Pathology, Neuroscience, and a member of the Friedman Brain Institute. Her laboratory studies the molecular mechanisms of gliomagenesis in endogenous human-based models. She is also a practicing neuropathologist. Dr. Tsankova received her Ph.D. from UT Southwestern Medical Center, where she trained with Dr. Eric Nestler. Under his guidance, she pioneered the studies of neuroepigenetics in the context of chronic stress/depression. Following the path of a Physician-Scientist, she completed her residency in Anatomic Pathology and fellowship in Neuropathology at Columbia University, where she became intrigued with studying the pathogenesis of human gliomas. She worked in the laboratory of Dr. Fiona Doetsch, where she developed novel techniques to isolate and characterize endogenous neural/glial progenitors from human brain, creating a transitional, human-based system to study epigenetic dysregulation during gliomagenesis. Previously an Assistant Professor at Columbia University and now one at Mount Sinai, Dr. Tsankova also has fruitful and ongoing collaborations with several investigators from the departments of Neurosurgery, Neuroscience, and Psychiatry at both institutions.

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Anatomic Pathology

Research Topics

Anti-Tumor Therapy, Brain, Cancer Genetics, Cell Transformation, Chromatin, Stem Cells


MD, University of Texas - Southwestern Medical School

PhD, University of Texas - Southwestern Medical Center

Residency, Pathology/Neurology
Columbia University

Fellowship, Neuropathology
Columbia University